Custom Die-Cut Printed Keyrings in any Shape

by Jeremy on January 1, 2006

So you want a keyring? It’s no surprise to us, as they are a particularly popular promotional product!

Why do they work? Keyrings are on your clients/potential clients body throughout a good part of the day. When they’re not in your clients pocket/handbag/car etc. they are sitting on a key holder at home, or where their usual ‘sitting spot’ for keys is. Every morning, it’s one of the first logos they’ll see as they grab their car keys. Now are you convinced of their effectiveness as a giveaway item?

The biggest challenge with promotional keyrings, is making sure it’s your keyring on the keychain, and NOT someone elses! So here’s an idea to help you get your printed keyring attached to your client’s keys.

We can create a custom shape/design keyring with a high quality print that is long lasting. What you print on your promotional product is important, but supporting that message with a custom designed keyring shape will help increase its effectiveness as a promotional product.

So how can you get your hands on a custom die-cut keyring, laser cut to your chosen shape/design?

Contact us using our online contact form or
via Phone: +61 2 9605 5144 or e-mail and one of our sales consultants will be glad to help you

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