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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brand their bread...

Now this is definitely blog worthy...a toaster that burns your company logo onto the bread it pops out!

Introducing the Pop Art Toaster...

Can you imagine having the ability to get your company logo in front of your customer’s face first thing in the morning? The novelty of the product would be enough to get people talking. This really represents the difference between promotional products and all other forms of advertising; promotional products have an intimacy with the user that advertising doesn’t. A promotional product can infiltrate the boundaries and restrictions consumers impose on advertisers. It’s not likely you will find an advertisement in someone’s shower but there is a good chance that you may find some custom-imprinted soap you stole from a hotel, an embroidered towel given to you by your local gym or a fancy robe you won as a sales incentive at work.

I wonder how far this concept could be taken. Where else can you get your company branding; imagine if we could give our customers branded toilet paper. If there are 365 sheets in a roll imagine the amount of times your logo will be seen and there isn’t exactly a lot to compete with in terms of advertising in the bathroom; so you get your customer’s full attention...well almost : )

Could companies who sell fast moving consumer goods that are necessities and found in every household like the milk carton, or loaf of bread be in high demand for advertising space from big name brands? Only time will tell.



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