Grand Final Moment makes promotional hats memorable

by Elyse on September 30, 2008

It was great to not only watch a fantastic game of AFL on Saturday but to also see a great use of promotional products. During the medal ceremony some lucky youngsters were given the duty of presenting the Hawk’s team with their medallions. In return they received a Hawks baseball cap from the player. The hat in itself was nothing special, just a plan white baseball cap with Velcro strap and embroidered Hawk’s logo however, it was made memorable by the way in which it was given to the kids. As they placed the Grand Final Medal around the player’s neck the player put the hat on their head.

Imagine if after the ceremony the kids were given the exact same hat in a plastic show-bag from the ceremony organisers and compare that to going up on stage and receiving it in front of a record-breaking finals crowd? Do you think the kids would have appreciated it as much? The feelings and memories the kids will associate with the moment they received the hat on stage from the player will be transferred to the hat itself and therefore the hat now has special meaning and a has a story behind it. I bet those kids will wear them until they wear out and even when they are unwearable I doubt they will ever be thrown away.

Hawks Crowd wearing scarves and waving flags

Photo from The Courier Mail Sports Photo Gallery

The best use of promotional products is when an ordinary item is taken and presented in a way that makes it special to the receiver. Be creative in your presentation…it’s not enough to give the promotional item; you need to go the full way and consider options of how to make the moment memorable so that those special feelings will then be associated with the item.

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