A new meaning to Innovative Promotional Products?

by admin on November 20, 2008

Well here at JEM Promotional Products we are all about Innovative Promotional Products so much so that its actually our slogan!
However I do have to admit I do not think that we are as innovative as some companies in Japan, I was forwarded this email by a friend and just had to share it, not only are some of these products unique and bizarre some I cant see any purpose, but perhaps you should be the judge…
Baby Mop

Now this is putting a new meaning to child labor…

Do you think you have to dump the outfit in a bucket of water to get the full effect from this outfit? I hope not… poor kid

Umbrella Shoes

I LOVE and Adore shoes, my friends always tell me I could open up a shoe warehouse with the amount I have.

But I don’t think umbrellas for shoes is really necessary, sure its protecting the rain from falling on to the front of the shoe, but what about the back of the shoes or the water splashing up when you walk?
To be honest I think I would rather wear gumboots than be seen out with these on my feet :oS

Umbrella – Improved??

This umbrella makes a little more sense then the umbrella shoes, and possibly one of the more practical products that was in the email, the concept seems to make sense to me.
There is no point in an umbrella when there is a wind and its blowing the rain on an angle and its only covering a small area above your head. With this umbrella it seems that all angles are covered. But i guess it still wouldn’t save you from the splash back of puddles when you are walking.

Train Helmet – Sleeping Aid

Now this is just bizarre…
Cant say I have ever really fallen asleep on the train before, so perhaps I am not one to judge the usefulness of this product. All I know is that if I spent all morning doing my hair I wouldn’t want to ruin it by putting on a helmet. I don’t think there is anything worse then turning up to a meeting with hat hair.

Train Stand – Sleeping Aid

I really didn’t know that falling asleep on the train was such a common thing, or perhaps I haven’t been paying much attention?

So what happens if you started to lean backwards instead of forwards? That could hurt.

And really since when is standing when sleeping comfortable or even possible, especially on a moving train?
I have troubles standing still when awake on a train and that’s whilst holding on to the poles provided for stability

Sleep Comforter

I have heard of kids having a security blanket that they carry around with them and take to bed, that makes them feel safe and comfortable.
But a fake half torso?

I guess it could make you feel less lonely at night?

What if you had a partner though, do you think that they would be offended that you would rather snuggle with your fake person pillow rather then them? I know i would be.

Butter Stick

Butter in a glue like tube… odd.
I wonder if it would spread easily?

Do you think kids would get confused and fail their assignments because they tried to stick it together with butter?

Or that they could get a rude awakening for breakfast when their parents realise that they have used the glue stick instead of the butter stick to butter their mornings toast.

Be an ideal size for camping, there’s a pro for you, if your the camping type that is.

Chopsticks – with a difference

I find it hard to use chops sticks as it is.. now they are adding new fang dangle objects to them.
They look rather heavy, not only do you have the weight of your food hanging off a tiny stick but also a battery powered fan hanging off the end of it, guess it would give your fingers a work out.

But really what’s so hard on blowing on your food to cool it down?
Are we really getting that lazy?

Cold Toilet Paper

Ahh…Where do I start?
Who would be caught dead wearing this!?!

You look and feel awful when you have the flu so why make it any worse for yourself? let alone making it far more obvious than it needs to be.

Now I know that Japan is said to be the country high up in technology, inventions and what not, but have they not heard or seen the small travel pack tissues?
Perhaps we should export some over there ASAP!

Can you imagine a whole city walking around with these on their heads this winter?

Freakishly weird…

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