Commonwealth Bank of Australia Money Box – the Power of a Promotional Product

by Elyse on April 14, 2009

Have you been following the latest Commonwealth Bank TV Advertisements which all focus around the design of their money box.

Here are the TV Commercials if you have not seen them:

The campaign message is that Commonwealth Bank are dedicated to teaching kids about money. I think this is a great example of how a promotional product can become something iconic. I still remember opening my first Dollarmite account and being given my Commonwealth Bank money box. This is actually a photo of the Commonwealth Bank metal money box that I still have in my room and use every single day!

Here are my thoughts on why the Commonwealth Bank Money Box is a successful Promotional Product:

  • It is a simple product that relates to what they are trying to promote
  • The product is useful and so people have no hesitation using it
  • The design using the Commonwealth Bank building is unique and instantly associates the product with the Commonwealth Bank brand
  • They have remained constant with their design so that it has had time to mature and people now recognise it

Most importantly they have linked the money box into their other forms of advertising such as the TV Commercials but they have kept their message the same which is that they are constant and reliable and that parents can trust them to teach their kids about money.

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