Top 5 Famous Slogan T-Shirts of all time!

by Elyse on April 14, 2009

At JEM Promotional Products we have a lot of our clients print slogans on their t-shirts and that got me thinking about what I would rate as the most famous slogan t-shirts of all time. We did a quick brainstorm in the office and this is what we came up with for our Top 5 Famour Slogan T-Shirts of all time:


This is an oldie but also a favourite. The pure simplicity of the slogan and the iconic red heart makes it a definate crowd pleaser.


Another classic that makes your friends or partner the butt of your joke.


In 2004 Sean Combs AKA P. Diddy decided to take a stance and get young people to vote in the Presidential Campaign with his message to “Vote or Die”. The slogan t-shirt played a huge part in his campaign with many celebrities wearing the shirt to promote the message.


Who ever thought that the independent comedy movie Napoleon Dynamite would result in a famous slogan t-shirt. Napoleon Dynamite is a gawky high school student who makes friends with Pedro. Pedro is going for class president but does not realise that after his final speech he needs to perform a skit. Napoleon saves the day by giving a music tape he had received from the visiting LaFawnduh to the sound engineer and performs a passionate, energetic dance routine, which wins a standing ovation from the school audience.


Who could forget the celebrity break-up of the century when Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston broke up after 10 years of marriage and then Brad moved on quite quickly into the arms of Angela Jolie. The world was divided over whether they supported Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston with the famous Hilton sisters taking different sides. Celebrities and fans showed their support by wearing one of the famous TEAM JOLIE or TEAM ANISTON t-shirts.

Do you think you have a slogan that could be the next big thing for slogan t-shirts? We have a whole range of t-shirts that can be printed with slogans. Follow this link to our t-shirts page.

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