Chk Chk Boom Video leads to Merchandise Design

by Elyse on May 22, 2009

It is amazing to see the impact YouTube videos are having on driving merchandise design. We saw how crazy the Beached as Bro video went and the resulting slogan t-shirts in stores like Supre. Now the top hitting video for the moment is the Chk Chk Boom Video. The one below is actually a remix because I could not find the news version:

Now there is a whole bunch of Chk Chk Boom Merchandise including this Fully Sick Chk Chk Boom T-shirt available from Zazzle and a range of Mugs & Travel Mugs from CafePress.

Chk Chk Boom T-Shirt

Chk Chk Boom T-Shirt

Chuck Chuck Boom Travel Mug

Chuck Chuck Boom Travel Mug

foam-gunSorry guys but we aren’t going to be selling any Chk Chk Boom Merchandise but if we were our range would include Personalised Bullets, Foam Guns and a Stress Grenade ha ha ha.

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