New Article Online: The Benefits of Company Uniforms

by Elyse on May 8, 2009

Corporate Uniforms available from JEM Promotional Products

Corporate Uniforms available from JEM Promotional Products

JEM Promotional Products have added another article to our Resources library with the focus on The Benefits of Company Uniforms. Here is a sneak preview:

Do you remember your school days when you did not have to worry each morning about what to wear; you just put on your uniform and off you would go to school? As adults our lives are ten times busier and yet we choose to complicate things further by not having a uniform. There are many benefits associated with having a company uniform not only for the company itself but also for the employees and customers.

Benefits to the Company:

  • Your staff will become walking billboards for your brand. When they go to get lunch or go to appointments, potential customers will be exposed to your company through the branding on their uniform.
  • Your employees will stand out in a crowd. This is particularly important at trade shows and other marketing related events. Your staff will also be unique and distinct as no one from the general public will have the same outfit as them.
  • Your staff will be on time! No more wasted time trying to select an outfit in the morning.
  • If you register a Non-Compulsory Uniform with AusIndustry you may be exempt from Fringe Benefit Tax on any contributions made towards the uniform

The articles goes through the benefits of Uniforms not only for the Company for also Employees & Customers.

Follow this link to read the full The Benefits of Company Uniforms. Article online.

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