New YouTube Video: egrip Product Testing

by Elyse on May 10, 2009

We have added another video to jempromo YouTube Channel where we have done a test on the Egrip.

EgripThe product in question is the Egrip which is placed on the back of mobile phones to reduce or stop slipping on car dashboards. I couldn’t resist taking the Egrip for a test drive (literally) to see how it performed and if you watch our video you will see that it did very well.

This video is the first in a series we are doing around Product Testing. In the video we really tested the Egrip, which is a ultra-high-silicone elastomer grip that protects your phone from slipping off surfaces. For our test I went into the back roads of Wedderburn testing to see whether the egrip would prevent the phone from slipping off the car. It gets pretty funny as I try to push the boundaries to see just how far I can go before the phone slips…

So if you are looking for a product that really ticks all the boxes as far as reaching a specific target market and engaging it, without being too expensive then this is really the product for you. You company’s details and services can be printed on the Egrip and when placed on the mobile phone will be there for a very long time.

Contact us on (02) 8205 1334 or to enquire about the Egrip.

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