Tattoo Your Fans

by Lindsey on June 3, 2009

I myself have been contemplating on whether or not I should get a tattoo, but so far i haven’t found anything that i like enough to be permanently inked into my skin, not only that but i guess i am a little chicken..( i don’t like needles at the best of times!)

it seems to me the most common types of tattoos are band tattoos, either lyrics from their favourite song, the band logo or artwork from an album cover and sometimes the bands name.


Which i personally think can look pretty good sometimes, if done at the correctly and on the right place of the body, especially if there is a deep personal meaning behind it.

But then you get the obsessed extremists who get the band/artists portraits tattooed on them.  something i personally would never do.. its a little too creepy…


You would want to be a massive fan to get that done, and just hope you dont ever regret it!

I guess for a band, seeing your fans ink themselves with your own art is rather flattering, and not only that but its a great form advertisement.

at JEM Promotional Products, we do not offer permanent tattooing, but we do sell temporary tattoos, a whole range of them in fact; From glow in the dark, stick ons, glitter tattoos,  wash offs, armbands and even  tattoo sleeves!


Brand new to JEM you can now create your own tattoo sleeve, they are a skin coloured stocking that you wear on your arm printed with your design, they look pretty realistic. So your fans can “ink” themselves with your bands logo and name yet not have to worry about the pain of needles or the regret of getting it done years later…


If your interested in any of our customised temporary tattoos please contact us on 02 8205 1334 or check out our website or our myspace made specifically for bands

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