Want Brand Exposure at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa…create your own Makaraba

by Elyse on November 5, 2009

A unique way to expose your brand at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa

A unique way to expose your brand at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa

If you are attending the FIFA World Cup in South Africa there will be plenty of opportunities to try get on TV and expose your brand on an international scale. A unique way of doing this is with an out-there piece of Supporters Merchandise. The South Africans will be at the forefront on Supporter’s Merchandise especially because they have a history of creating their own!

The Makarapa or Makaraba derived from Makarapa, meaning migrant worker and associated with the ‘helmets’ because they worked in the mines is a hand cut and hand painted hard hat. It belongs to the typical South African fan’s supporters wear. Sport fans would spend hours to sculpting and painting their Makarapa in their teams colours.

Check out this TV Ad for the FIFA Confederations Cup which features a Makaraba:

The Makarapa serves three purposes – it is a great piece of supporters merchandise, an individual artwork as well as a means of promoting one’s brand in stadiums as they attract a lot of media attention. Worldwide, millions of supporters will be wearing the most crazy outfits during the World Cup soccer next year in South Africa. Many people and hence companies are currently looking for new, different products in which they can truly ‘dress to impress’.

It seems that no matter what the circumstances people just love merchandise and even if they are not able to afford the fancy products we produce for our sporting teams in Australia people will also find away of expressing their support for their team.

If you are looking for ideas on ways to expose your brand at the FIFA World Cup please contact us on (02) 8205 1334 or enquiries@jempp.com.au

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