Stuck in a Sticky situation, Use a Post-It

by admin on October 22, 2010

Post-it notes have always been handy for marking pages, leaving notes for others, reminders, notes to yourself and cut the sticky edge off and use the sticky part for tape.  The team at JEM did some research and have found another great use for those sticky Post-it notes.

New Use for Post-It Notes

New use for Post-It

Use a post-it note to catch all those chips and other small pieces that fall whilst drilling.  Fold the Post-it in half, sticky side out, stick to the wall under where you wish to drill and let the Post-it do the rest.  Simply fold it up and throw it away when your finished and save creating a mess on the floor.

10 other ways to use a post it

  1. Jot down an important event on a bright Post-It Note and stick it to your calendar. It will stand out more than just writing it down.
  2. Write a quick note to your kids and stick it inside their lunch box! It will make their day!
  3. Write a love note to your partner and leave it next to them on their pillow or in their car! How Romantic!
  4. Use one to mark food in your home fridge For Example: “hands off”, “Dinner for Tomorrow”, or “Save for Dad”
  5. Use to make hints that a birthday or anniversary are coming up soon.
  6. Use one to label your lunch before you stick in the fridge or freezer at work. It is less likely your lunch will be missing by noon.
  7. Use a small Post-it to write down an important phone number on. Stick it to your cell phone so you don’t forget to call.
  8. Stick one to your alarm clock reminding you that you have to do something that . You are less likely to push the snooze button.
  9. Mark your place in a book.
  10. Use the sticky edge as a temporary label for a folder.

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