London Olympic Mascots…love them or hate them?

by Maria on February 17, 2012

At JEM Promotional Products we see lots of merchandise daily but we are nevertheless always on the look out for new and wonderful promotional items. Naturally, we have been especially interested in the London Olympics merchandise range and especially how it stands up to the world’s scrutiny it has attracted.

London Olympic Mascots

London Olympic Mascots

I guess our main area of interest is from the perspective of what would we create if we had that account and possibly the huge budget attached to it. Could we do any better? We think that is the most important question for any company in the promotional products industry and those who pride themselves in their ability to deliver on a client’s unique requirements. It is a tough one to answer and somehow I can’t help but wonder if the creators have tried a little too hard in the selection of the mascots to represent the London Olympic games.

London Olympic Mascots

London Olympic Mascots

That area was certainly what created the most interest here in the JEM office. Perplexed faces stared at the computer monitors when we finally saw the Olympic mascots. We were really a bit puzzled as to their relevance to the London Olympics and whether their message will easily be interpreted. Maybe our distance from London may have a bearing in our lack of understanding after all we are in Sydney, Australia so you can’t get much further away than that. Well, let’s hope so because if the rest of the world feels the same way then I can’t help but think that the brief has not been met by the creators of the Olympic mascots.

Blobs: Wenlock, named after the Shropshire town, and Mandeville after the hospital are the 2012 London Olympics mascots  Read more:

Blobs: Wenlock, named after the Shropshire town, and Mandeville after the hospital are the 2012 London Olympics mascots

The feeling I get is that the final product and message is just a little too abstract for most people to relate to and to easily understand. Maybe I speak with the memory of the Sydney Olympics in the year 2000 still fresh on my mind where the three mascots were chosen from our native animals. Adults and children easily understood and recognised the animals selected to be used as mascots and could easily make the connection with Australia’s unique wildlife.

Sydney Olympics

Sydney Olympic Mascots

I guess it’s easier to criticise when looking from the outside in and I do believe the challenge would have been great but a wonderful opportunity to showcase London and it’s rich history may have been lost. One can only hope that the mascots will grow in popularity as we get closer to the Olympic games. Somehow the continued exposure may serve to embed these misunderstood blobs deeply in our minds. If they do that then we can say they have been a success!

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