Is it Possible to have a fun Conference?

by Maria on January 15, 2013

I pose the question Is it possible to have a fun Conference? because so many Conferences can drag out and often be seen as a bit of ‘must do’ at this time of year. We at JEM Promotional Products believe that it is possible to have an interesting Conference and to even have it seen as a quite enjoyable experience. I was prompted to write about this particular topic because two days ago whilst I was picking up some family members from the airport I found myself with some time to spare because their plane was delayed. As I sat and pondered the arrivals I noticed some interesting people meeting what I presume were conference delegates. I loved that they not only held up the obligatory signs with the delegates names but also that they were wearing what can only be described as resort wear. Straw hats, colourful shirts and thongs really showed that their Summer Conference was going to be held in Sydney during one of the hottest heatwaves on record. I can only imagine what the delegates were thinking as they passed through the gates but I can tell you that they looked pretty happy and smiles were abundant. Maybe coming from a New York flight and leaving behind some extremely cold weather to find these fun looking people in Summer gear must have been a good introduction to their Conference ahead. Ignore the fact that it was an international accounting firm so I figure the topics would not be considered that much fun for the average person.

I definitely believe that a Conference can be made more enjoyable if a number of important considerations are thought about well ahead of the event and addressed before the big day.

Theme, Pre-Conference Promotion, Location, Venue, Guest Speakers, Entertainment, Food and Conference Materials (to use on the day and to take away at the end) can really impact on the overall success and whether the attendees got all they could out of the Conference. If all these important factors are managed correctly, the overall feeling will be of a ‘fun’ conference and that feeling will be what remains once the event is over.

Our Boardroom i-Pad Compendium is a versatile item that can be a good start when organising Conference materials especially with most people now owning an i-Pad it certainly assists in equipping attendees with the latest accessories available. It will serve two purposes by being used on the day of the Conference but also to take away and used back at the office.

Boardroom Ipad Compendium

Boardroom Ipad Compendium

High quality koskin with contrast stitching

Zippered compendium with front slip pocket

Tablet holder with Velcro securing strap
Gusseted document sleeve
Flip tuck panel with notepad
Universal rubber PenGrip to suit all pen sizes
print area: 13w 13h
embossing area: 7w x 7h

Please contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on(02)82051334 or for ideas and suggestions on how to organise some promotional items for your next conference so it a successful event and maybe even seen as a fun time by the delegates that attend it.

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