Effective Promotional Campaigns Equals a Layering of the Senses

by Maria on May 19, 2013

So where does it begin? By that I mean when is it that a logo becomes a recognisable symbol that does not require text to explain what it is and which company it represents. The answer is hard to come by because it may be different for everyone but often that logo has had a journey to get to that moment.

So the logo must have been designed and launched at some point and depending on the budget much fan fare would have been involved. Sure that is a good start but for the logo to mature and become synonymous with the company it represents it must be visible in a number of ways and certainly frequency is crucial to that final outcome.

For instance the logo for the Commonwealth Bank was not instantly embraced but is now easily recognized making for effective branding for the bank. Often a logo goes through an evolution process as it fine tunes its design and many times becomes simpler in look but with a much more recgonisable end result.


So what is the next step in setting out to promote a new logo? The answer may be different for each logo’s journey but often advertising assists in getting the word out to the market place. Many people respond to advertising differently. Some will recall a radio ad, others a TV ad and many need something they can hold to touch and feel. So the answer may lie in a combination of all these techniques. Promotional Products can be effective because the marketing message lasts for a long time and sometimes indefinitely. When selected appropriately branded merchandise can be a real connection to the logo and therefore company. It can really become embedded in our brain for a life time and serve the company very well.


Nothing is truer when you consider the simple Commonwealth Bank Money Boxes given to children to encourage good savings habits. They were so effective that they are now collectors items. This is fantastic result as far as branding evolutions goes and the re-enforcement achieved through the usage of promotional products.

Please contact the team at JEM Promotional Products for more information on how to use promotional products effectively in your marketing campaign. Also take  moment to read our article on How to Improve your Logo for tips on how to make it as effective as possible.

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