Promotional Products are Much More than Just Merchandise!

by Maria on May 18, 2013

So many people wrongly think of promotional products as just merchandise and even worse as cheap throw away’s, which in fact is quite limiting when you think about it. Not to say that merchandise items can not be promotional products, which they obviously are but the perception is that nothing else is a promotional product. Distributors of promotional products know full well that merchandise items are merely a part of the overall product range, so the challenge is to introduce relevant promotional items into the promotional campaign so a comprehensive marketing mix is achieved.

So really what needs to be talked about is what do promotional products distributors classify as merchandise as opposed to what the end user might expect. The answer may naturally differ from one promotional products distributor to another but maybe defining what a promotional product can be is somewhat easier. After many years of working within the industry, I have come to a conclusion that often Promotional Products can be the least obvious products in a range and that merchandise items are unashamedly the most obvious promotional products available. By that I mean the logo and artwork are prominent and the message simple and to the point. On the opposite of that can be a subtly branded promotional item.

90cm Stainless Steel Freestanding Cooker

90cm Stainless Steel Freestanding Cooker

For instance a BBQ or a TV or even an Oven can be a promotional product but it would certainly never be called a merchandise item. So what I mean is that the items can be badged with a company logo and it instantly becomes a promotional product and because BBQ’s, TV and Stoves are seen as valuable, useful items they would certainly never be disregarded as throw away’s. The natural reaction is to say, what is the point of giving away a  Logo Badged BBQ, TV or Stove and the answer is simply because every company needs attention. Not just general attention in the market place but attention from your potential customers. Another innovative promotional item can be Branded Promotional Bicycles which can bring attention to important causes and Charities. They also offer the benefit of being an item that promotes exercise and therefore good health.

Flat Road Bikes

Flat Road Bikes

So using promotional products in the form of useful household items will definitely gain attention but for the investment to be worthwhile the result must be measured in additional sales or at least gaining new potential customers that will eventually buy your products or use your company’s services. The challenge is to utilise the products appropriately so the results are positive. Finding the solution for your company or organisation is the hardest part of the exercise. Some interesting possibilities may be to run a Competition or maybe consider a Loyalty Program offering Rewards. Let’s face it nowadays we all need to go above and beyond to impress our clients especially during tough economical times so special offers are a great way to connect with your niche market.

Mini BBQ

Mini BBQ

Please contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or for more information on any of the items featured in this blog or any of the promotional items in our range.

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