Driving Traffic to your Tradeshow Booth is a Must!

by Maria on January 7, 2014

Nowadays, companies are hesitant to spend funds on exhibiting at tradeshows if the end result does not translate to increased sales or at the very least a list of potential clients to target at a later date. Often the pre-show marketing is a crucial indicator if the show is going to be a success or not. Creating a buzz and offering incentives to visitors to the the booth is the key.

AT JEM Promotional Products we see quite a range of promotional items that are suitable for the purpose but some are certainly more effective than others. Driving clients to a company booth becomes essential so utilising promotional items to make that goal happen is an important part of the process. A free giveaway is always attractive so not many people will decline the gift. Finding the right promotional giveaway is really the biggest challenge so the item not only pays for itself but improves the chances of the tradeshow being considered a success.

In many ways the promotional item is really a tangible product that not only serves as a reminder for the booth but also reflects the company’s image and their position in the market place.

Selecting from promotional items that will be used or kept on the person is the obvious advantage but also items that serve a useful purpose is always the key to long term success.

Many tend to just choose staple items such as pens, which does offer good value but may not be as successful as finding an item that connects with a niche market. The key question is what does your client find useful and important enough to keep for a considerable amount of time? Sure a pen is useful and more than likely will not be thrown away but the competition is fierce out there so everyone needs to stand out from their competitor.

Some key questions to ask are:

– What is my client likely to be doing when using the promotional item?

– How long will they keep the promotional item in their possession?

– What is considered to be on trend with a niche market?

– How much can be spent on each item.

iPhone Case

iPhone Case

Golf Balls In 3-Ball Sleeves

Golf Balls In 3-Ball Sleeves

Some interesting items that our team have seen very good results from our Branded Golf Balls, Branded iPhone Covers or Stylus Pens to name just a few.

The Grenada Stylus Pen

The Grenada Stylus Pen

Please contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or enquiries@jempp.com.au for more information on any promotional products of interest for your company’s tradeshow.

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