Acknowledging Loyal Employees With Personalised Christmas Gifts

by Maria on September 12, 2014

Acknowledging hard working teams is really important, especially at Christmas time. Christmas provides the opportunity to say thank you to employees for their ongoing effort and their ability to get the job done. The Christmas Gift selection process can at times be difficult because occasionally gifts seem a little impersonal so avoiding that outcome is very important.

Gift items that are able to be branded with company logos but also personalised with an individual’s name really goes a long way in creating a sense of care and consideration for the employee. The right product doesn’t even have to be an expensive outlay, it just has to be of a thoughtful nature.

Generally speaking, items that are of a personal nature, can really create a positive feeling within the recipient. Even going as far as selecting gender specific gift items can enhance the feeling of usefulness. The selection process is often complicated by the fact that everyone is different and with different likes and dislikes. However, if the company or organisation is able to identify a common need or product requirement then the gifts can be narrowed down to a small list of favourites to make the choice a little easier.

In the case of a corporate team Christmas Gifts may be related to the functions of their roles. Useful Gift Items are often products that make day to day tasks a little easier or even more comfortable. Technology related items can also be very useful and especially gadgets such as Power Banks or Mobile Phone Chargers are indispensable.

Not every gift item can easily have an individual’s name added on the product itself but the packaging can offer more individualisation opportunities. For instance the following products can be ideal for branding the gift and  gift box and at the same time and also adding a spot for an individual’s name:

– Pen in Gift Box

– Branded Power Bank in Gift Box

– Branded Coffee Mug in Gift Box

– Compact Mirror in Gift Box

Aluminium Mobile Phone Power Bank

Aluminium Mobile Phone Power Bank

It’s really about how the printing on the packing is done. If a space is creatively shaped is left blank and made to look like a gift tag then a handwritten message or name can be easily added to the space to personalise the gift. The other great benefit is that if a Christmas motif is incorporated into the artwork then there is  no need for gift wrapping which saves a lot of time and effort!

Please contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or regarding organising appropriate Christmas Gifts for your company or organisation’s employees.

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