Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Medals Are Special!

by Maria on April 13, 2018

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games have been very exciting with a huge success rate for the Australia Athletes. As of today the Australian team is in the lead with 63 Gold Medals which is an outstanding result so far and is certain to have made the nation proud. Currently Australia has 159 Medals which is an outstanding achievement. The design of the medals is quite an interesting one:

For many generations the Gold Coast coastline has been a place for gathering, meeting and sport. The Medal design represents the soft sand lines which shift with every tide and wave and is symbolic of athletic achievement. As the water moves towards low tide, each wave moves the sand, creating and leaving behind new lines in the sand witnessed by those present.

The continual change of tide represents the evolution in Athletes who are making their mark. Records are made and special moments of elation celebrated. Although the moment in time may be fleeting, it is forever marked within the shells that are brought upon its tidelines.




Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Medals

There are many occasions that commemorative medals and coins are an appropriate choice to celebrate an important event. Corporate Events such as important anniversaries and milestones are specifically well suited for a lasting memory in the form of a commemorative medal or coin. Sporting events naturally lend themselves exceptionally well to medals and the great thing is that the medal can be custom made to a specific design.

Check the medal count on the official Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games website.

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