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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Gold Bar USB Drives

Here is a great promotional items for banks or anyone in the finance industry. This USB Flash Drive made of solid metal in the shape of a gold bar. It can be branded with your logo by using a laser etch or a print.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Desk microwave...a workaholic's dream!

Are you one of those workers who goes non-stop all day and doesn't even leave the desk for lunch? Well you really shouldn't be encouraged in the habit but this might just be the desk-item of your is your own personal USB microwave and vending machine. Do you want to make a bit of extra cash at work as well...the vending machine is set up so that you can charge your colleagues for one of three products.
  • USB Powered Vending Machine, 3 Compartments for storing Chewing Gums, Candies or Nuts
  • Insert Coin and select compartment 1/2/3 or random
  • A reminder before eating - To prevent Overeat
  • Fun and great interaction with friends
  • Coin Bank, Digital Alarm and Photo Frame
  • Powered by either USB or AAA batteries

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A new meaning to Innovative Promotional Products?

Well here at JEM Promotional Products we are all about Innovative Promotional Products so much so that its actually our slogan!
However I do have to admit I do not think that we are as innovative as some companies in Japan, I was forwarded this email by a friend and just had to share it, not only are some of these products unique and bizarre some I cant see any purpose, but perhaps you should be the judge...
Baby Mop

Now this is putting a new meaning to child labor...

Do you think you have to dump the outfit in a bucket of water to get the full effect from this outfit? I hope not... poor kid

Umbrella Shoes

I LOVE and Adore shoes, my friends always tell me I could open up a shoe warehouse with the amount I have.

But I don't think umbrellas for shoes is really necessary, sure its protecting the rain from falling on to the front of the shoe, but what about the back of the shoes or the water splashing up when you walk?
To be honest I think I would rather wear gumboots than be seen out with these on my feet :oS

Umbrella - Improved??

This umbrella makes a little more sense then the umbrella shoes, and possibly one of the more practical products that was in the email, the concept seems to make sense to me.
There is no point in an umbrella when there is a wind and its blowing the rain on an angle and its only covering a small area above your head. With this umbrella it seems that all angles are covered. But i guess it still wouldn't save you from the splash back of puddles when you are walking.

Train Helmet - Sleeping Aid

Now this is just bizarre...
Cant say I have ever really fallen asleep on the train before, so perhaps I am not one to judge the usefulness of this product. All I know is that if I spent all morning doing my hair I wouldn't want to ruin it by putting on a helmet. I don't think there is anything worse then turning up to a meeting with hat hair.

Train Stand - Sleeping Aid

I really didn't know that falling asleep on the train was such a common thing, or perhaps I haven't been paying much attention?

So what happens if you started to lean backwards instead of forwards? That could hurt.

And really since when is standing when sleeping comfortable or even possible, especially on a moving train?
I have troubles standing still when awake on a train and that's whilst holding on to the poles provided for stability

Sleep Comforter

I have heard of kids having a security blanket that they carry around with them and take to bed, that makes them feel safe and comfortable.
But a fake half torso?

I guess it could make you feel less lonely at night?

What if you had a partner though, do you think that they would be offended that you would rather snuggle with your fake person pillow rather then them? I know i would be.

Butter Stick

Butter in a glue like tube... odd.
I wonder if it would spread easily?

Do you think kids would get confused and fail their assignments because they tried to stick it together with butter?

Or that they could get a rude awakening for breakfast when their parents realise that they have used the glue stick instead of the butter stick to butter their mornings toast.

Be an ideal size for camping, there's a pro for you, if your the camping type that is.

Chopsticks - with a difference

I find it hard to use chops sticks as it is.. now they are adding new fang dangle objects to them.
They look rather heavy, not only do you have the weight of your food hanging off a tiny stick but also a battery powered fan hanging off the end of it, guess it would give your fingers a work out.

But really what's so hard on blowing on your food to cool it down?
Are we really getting that lazy?

Cold Toilet Paper

Ahh...Where do I start?
Who would be caught dead wearing this!?!

You look and feel awful when you have the flu so why make it any worse for yourself? let alone making it far more obvious than it needs to be.

Now I know that Japan is said to be the country high up in technology, inventions and what not, but have they not heard or seen the small travel pack tissues?
Perhaps we should export some over there ASAP!

Can you imagine a whole city walking around with these on their heads this winter?

Freakishly weird...

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

You’ll never lose your keys in the ocean again...well maybe

While this key floater key-ring may sound practical I wonder whether anyone would ever use it. The idea is that you attach your key to it when you are at the beach or swimming pool and if it falls out of your pocket you should see it floating next to you. Too bad if you are a surfer and lose your key in the middle of the ocean...maybe we can send out the Lifesaver helicopter to scour the sea for your key; surely they will spot the orange floating keyring from the air.

While this may be a weird promotional item, it does not mean we don’t stock it. Click Here, for more product details on our neoprene floatation key holder.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Build it and they will come...or maybe not

I came across this weird promotional product today; it is called a Hover Clock. As its name suggests it is a clock that hovers above its base.

While this product is a novelty I wonder if the appeal would quickly wear off. If you were to give it to one of your customers I am sure they would find it interesting to start with but would probably end up getting rid of it one day when they want something more practical, maybe a clock that displays the date. I think the key with a product like this is to target it at someone who would be interested for long enough to make your promotion worthwhile; for example someone who works in the I.T. or Science industry would be best to target.

For a more practical option click here to see our Clocks & Calculators page.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Million Dollar Lunch

In 1999 a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco called Casa Sanchez put together a promotion that involved offering free lunches for a life-time to anyone that tattooed their logo, a sombrero-wearing mariachi boy sitting on a corn-cob permanently on any part of their body.

Their ambition was to generate customer loyalty and boy were they successful. They had 40 people get the tattoo and those same 40 people started coming in every single day for their free lunch.

The Sanchez family finally decided to do some calculations and worked out that based on 40 people with $8 of free meals per week, the marketing promotion could cost them $5.8 million in lost sales for the business over 50 years (the life of the people involved in the promotion).

My thoughts...Plan and budget before you do a promotion and next time buy temporary tattoos.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brand their bread...

Now this is definitely blog worthy...a toaster that burns your company logo onto the bread it pops out!

Introducing the Pop Art Toaster...

Can you imagine having the ability to get your company logo in front of your customer’s face first thing in the morning? The novelty of the product would be enough to get people talking. This really represents the difference between promotional products and all other forms of advertising; promotional products have an intimacy with the user that advertising doesn’t. A promotional product can infiltrate the boundaries and restrictions consumers impose on advertisers. It’s not likely you will find an advertisement in someone’s shower but there is a good chance that you may find some custom-imprinted soap you stole from a hotel, an embroidered towel given to you by your local gym or a fancy robe you won as a sales incentive at work.

I wonder how far this concept could be taken. Where else can you get your company branding; imagine if we could give our customers branded toilet paper. If there are 365 sheets in a roll imagine the amount of times your logo will be seen and there isn’t exactly a lot to compete with in terms of advertising in the bathroom; so you get your customer’s full attention...well almost : )

Could companies who sell fast moving consumer goods that are necessities and found in every household like the milk carton, or loaf of bread be in high demand for advertising space from big name brands? Only time will tell.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Neoprene Hat - what the?

Anybody who can call themselves Australian will know what a stubby holder is. But... have you ever seen a neoprene (the material stubby holders are made from) hat before? Didn't think so! ;)


Monday, April 07, 2008

Amazing! - University Logo Engraved into One Strand of Human Hair

A researcher has used a focus ion beam microsocope to carve his school's logo on a human hair! Now that is one insane promotional product! haha :)
read more | digg story


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Crazy Car Message Sign

Being in the promotional products industry is fun - we get to see a lot of great new products, and a lot of not so great products. And sometimes, we're lucky, and we get e-mails from factories in China etc. with product ideas like this product... 'reinventing car to car driver expression'.

Next time don't beep, or yell, just select that emoticon that will really tell that driver how angry you are.....


Monday, January 28, 2008

Cool Fanta Custom Can Shaped 35mm Promotional Camera!

I like to scour through antique shops searching for cool retro items (and in particular promotional products!) Here's one find that I found at a recent visit - very creative promotional products concept don't you think?

After a quick browse on eBay, here's some other can shaped promotional products that are out there!

Can Shaped Cougar Table Lamp (it even rotates!)

Can Shaped Coca Cola Mini Bar Fridge

Can Shaped Coca Cola Drink Insulating Cooler

Custom moulded promotional products are a fantastic way to replicate the look and shape of retail items - in this case drink cans have been used, but other examples we've produced in the past include a miniature eftpos point of sale machine moulded in to a pvc keyring, and custom manufactured inflatable replicas of insulin checking machines used at point of sale and for shop displays.

To have your custom made promotional product design & concept quoted please
contact one of our promotional products sales consultants

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Cheesy Realtor Business Cards

Real Estate agent's business cards can often be very cheesy - this guy has decided to poke a bit of fun with his business card designs! I've pasted in one below for you, but you can check them all out here


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Flashback! Retro Apple T-Shirts / Merchandise

Apple and it's brand has been revived in recent years with the release of the iPod and Intel Powered Macs. In recent years, it's been the 'coolest thing' to be associated with the brand and all of it's products.

However, ack in the day if you were an "Apple geek" then this would of been a promotional t-shirt you would of been strutting around in, branded with the old school Apple logo!

I'm not so sure the marketing team were as creative as today - check out one of the catch phrases in the advertisement! "Be the Apple of everyone's eyes in these comfortable, eye-catching t-shirts."


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kevin 07 promotional t-shirts - the secret to Kevin Rudd's success?

Kevin Rudd led a strong election campaign and as a result has won the 2007 federal election, now making him the Prime Minister of Australia.

Kevin 07 has been plastered all over the news, and throughout various media - one form of media being the use of promotional products - producing promotional t-shirts printed with his campaign title "Kevin 07"
These shirts gained a huge amount of media attention for Mr. Rudd - could this have been his secret weapon? (we're not serious!) Who knows... promotional products combined with other marketing tools used within an integrating marketing campaign (IMC) can have phenomenal effect and impact as a marketing tool.

P.S. A note to all - we dont sell Kevin 07 t-shirts, so please don't ask ;)


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fun and inflatable fruit carry cases

Here's a fantastic product that we think could have huge success as a gift with purchase for major food retailers and fruit growers.

This product has the ability to be customised to your corporate colours, and custom printed with your company logo. We think it's very unique, and look forward to working with this concept as a promotional product!

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Image Projection Flashlights: The Shadow Puppet, Evolved

Here's a cool product, an Image Projection Flashlight! You can customise the image to be your company logo, and project it on to a wall. A great concept, especially if you're wanting to find a promotional product that appeals to a younger demographic! I'd like to think it's the evolution of the shadow puppet ;)


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bottle Opener Pen? right...

Everyone looks forward to a funny e-mail at work... well in promotional products, sometimes some suppliers release products that just make you think "What the?" resulting in chuckles around the office. And here's one of them - a pen with a bottle opener?!?

Come on, seriously... Im not really too sure how many people would crack open a beer whilst writing a to do list at work... let alone using a pen bottle opener...!

Back to the drawing board I say!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

VW take promotional magnets to a new level

One of the world's largest vehicle manufacturers, Volkswagen, have taken their marketing campaign for the VW Polo to a new level, utilising promotional magnets as a form of "outdoor advertising". Plenty of companys use custom printed magnets to promote their business, however in this case, VW threw in a bit of twist creating magnetic "dents" and putting them on peoples cars!

The point of this campaign was to "revive the awareness of the model (VW Polo) historically positioned for its solidity"

The campaign was effective with "more than 2000 contacts connected to this action" at VW Dealers.

This campaign supports the fact that you can use any promotional product to achieve a great impact on a shoe string budget - as long as you apply thought to the application, and a creative spin on your approach to keep the message interesting, and this case viral!

Here's the printed magnet they produced:

And here's a few examples of them on cars:[Information sources: German Car Blog , Auto Blog]


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cool new promotional products

Here's a couple of new promotional products concepts that we can source - beverage horn, what the??

Logo Customised Beverage Horn

Customised Tyre Valve Caps


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Carbon Copy - pencils made from human ashes!

I'm a regular BoingBoing visitor, and just couldnt resist blogging on this one as soon as I saw it! This pencil, is made from human ashes - creepy right? even creepier is this little fact - "240 pencils can be made from an average body of ash - a lifetime supply of pencils for those left behind." Maybe this might be the answer for your next promotional marketing campaign? I'd certainly hope not!