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Monday, January 28, 2008

Cool Fanta Custom Can Shaped 35mm Promotional Camera!

I like to scour through antique shops searching for cool retro items (and in particular promotional products!) Here's one find that I found at a recent visit - very creative promotional products concept don't you think?

After a quick browse on eBay, here's some other can shaped promotional products that are out there!

Can Shaped Cougar Table Lamp (it even rotates!)

Can Shaped Coca Cola Mini Bar Fridge

Can Shaped Coca Cola Drink Insulating Cooler

Custom moulded promotional products are a fantastic way to replicate the look and shape of retail items - in this case drink cans have been used, but other examples we've produced in the past include a miniature eftpos point of sale machine moulded in to a pvc keyring, and custom manufactured inflatable replicas of insulin checking machines used at point of sale and for shop displays.

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Cheesy Realtor Business Cards

Real Estate agent's business cards can often be very cheesy - this guy has decided to poke a bit of fun with his business card designs! I've pasted in one below for you, but you can check them all out here


Top 10 Tradeshow Booths - CES Consumer Electronics Show 2008

During my daily read at Gismodo, I spotted this post featuring the top 10 trade show booths at CES 2008

They're right - these are hardly "tradeshow booths" and more like mega structures!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Flashback! Retro Apple T-Shirts / Merchandise

Apple and it's brand has been revived in recent years with the release of the iPod and Intel Powered Macs. In recent years, it's been the 'coolest thing' to be associated with the brand and all of it's products.

However, ack in the day if you were an "Apple geek" then this would of been a promotional t-shirt you would of been strutting around in, branded with the old school Apple logo!

I'm not so sure the marketing team were as creative as today - check out one of the catch phrases in the advertisement! "Be the Apple of everyone's eyes in these comfortable, eye-catching t-shirts."


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Feels great to be back in to the swing of things already - I'm expecting a challenging, but fun filled 2008 with many exciting projects ahead.

I hope to keep on blogging throughout 2008 (preferably a bit more regularly!), and will aim to continue adding to our promotional products articles & guides page on our website.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled and make sure you watch this space for new and exciting promotional products and marketing related news.